Sunday, April 7, 2013



The sun popped out for just a few minutes this morning and has made itself scarce ever since. Supposed to be cloudy today with storms (and chance of severe ones) moving in over the next day or so with highest chance of storms Tuesday night into Wednesday.

Yesterday we went to Sprouts, a new grocery store that opened in Norman, to get some groceries. They are having some great grand opening specials like eggs for .99/dozen and avocados are 3 for $1. They have a full line up of Applegate products which we love like Grass Fed pure Beef Hotdogs with no nitrites or nitrates and no fillers. They taste great and they also have all of their sliced meats like ham, turkey and roast beef that are not cured and have no chemicals, etc. Same with their bacon....all great products and we've never seen so many Applegate products in one store (not even at Trader Joe's). They have ample supplies of fresh veggies in attractive displays and Sprouts are located in eight states. Check and see if there's one near you. We also made a trip to Sam's Club to get some office supplies since we'll be headed to areas where there won't be any Sam's Clubs to get ink for our printer or laminating sheets. Linda and I made bets on what our receipt total would be. Oh brother, neither one of us  was even close. $358 later we were out of there with a frig full of food and all the office supplies we need for a couple months.

Spring is coming to Oklahoma and the RVers are waking up to the fact that it's timeIMG_0149 to go camping. The park had lots of campers and tents this weekend. Everyone is starting to pack up to go home this morning. It will quiet down by this afternoon and we'll be able to sit outside and watch the boaters on the lake. Even late last night I could see lights from boats (and hear their loud motors roaring) as they were still out on the lake enjoying the warm evening. It stayed in the 60's all night and is supposed to reach the mid 70's today. Yesterday was gorgeous in the 70's with a cool breeze and lots of sunshine. Going to be mostly cloudy today so the temps might struggle a bit to get into the 70's. The rising temps will fuel the chance of severe springtime storms.

On Thursday we move to Twin Fountains RV Resort in Oklahoma City. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and recharging for the start of a new work week.


Unknown said...

Great woodpecker pic!

Dave and Susie said...

Glad you got to go to Sprouts, which reminds me I need to make another trip there. Had a great time with you two at the movie and dinner. Give Boomer a hug for us.