Saturday, April 13, 2013


Linda found a neat thing for us to go check out today in nearby Yukon, OK. Other than seeing some beautiful horses, the other neat part of it was that these magnificent creatures are owned by Bob Funk, who owns Express Employment. When we first went on the road, the second winter out we worked at Amazon's fulfillment center in Coffeyville, Kansas. The company that recruited all of the workampers for Amazon was an Express Employment franchise. Here is a great video I found that explains how Bob came to get into the Clydesdale business and what they are used for. It's 10 minutes long but very informative and you can see the horses in action.


Linda, in front of the barn with the Clydesdale metal's made out of horseshoes. It was really neat !
























Here's the Clydesdales' ride....a tractor trailer for the horses and their carriage. They travel all over the US in this....gone 200 days out of the year to do events. All of the money raised from their events goes to the Children's Miracle Network.

The barn is located on a huge piece of property in Yukon, OK. From the numbers of families that were there today, it must be a popular destination for kids. They like to open the little doors, on each horses' stall, to pet the gentle giant inside.

If you go to their website 

there is some neat info on the whole operation.


Check it out....

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Neat post. Sounds like a good place to visit.