Friday, October 12, 2012

Grounds for Sculptures

Linda's brother, Roy took us to Grounds for Sculptures in nearby Hamilton to look at the neat pieces. It's located on the grounds of thesculpture 3 former fairgrounds. The neat thing about the displays are that they are out in the open where they can be enjoyed and interacted with. You're allowed to touch most of them (the ones with a green sign on them) and it just gives a whole new appreciation to it when it's not just hanging on a gallery wall but can be experienced by people of all ages. One of the artists is J.Seward Johnson who creates some really neat pieces. He will take many famous paintings like Renoir and create the scenes that are in the paintings.

This one is called "Dreamer"...the detail in the guy that is laying on the ground, in the midst of a daydream is so cool. Even the texture in his shirt, soles of his shoes and the sunglasses laying on his chest.

sculpture 8

The guy that Linda and I are standing on each side of, in this scene, is the resemblance of the artist (Johnson).DSCN3748







sculpture 9
















Isn't this one neat? All of her "clothes" are on nearby clothes hooks and there is a sculpted boombox and music playing. At a certain part of the song, she joins in and music comes from the shower stall to blend with that from the boombox....very neat. 

sculpture 10 DSCN3743

rat restaurant 2

Rat Restaurant...a high end restaurant on the property. There is also a cafe called Peacock Cafe...that is where we grabbed a bite to eat.

monet's bridge

Monet's Bridge....

sculpture 7

sculpture 2

We had a great time looking at the sculptures on a pretty fall day. We've enjoyed our time with Roy and Kathie. Tomorrow afternoon we'll go pick up the rig and then leave on Sunday for Mineral, VA.







 linda and roy at sculpture place

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Bobbie and Jim said...

What an interesting place...I love that kind of quirky art. Thanks for sharing with us.