Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Going on Vacation...

Linda and I finished up in Dover, PA. It rained like crazy the two days before we pulled out and the campground looked like each site had their own personal pond. Somehow all that mud and grit made its' way into the drinking water. I had noticed that the pearly white water filter we had when we arrived turned black in a hurry so I wanted to flush our system before we left. I did that and it quickly became black again. Pretty scary to think about all that silt that made its way into our spigots. The water has been really bleachy tasting so we haven't been drinking it (really missing our iced green tea). I bought new filters tonight and changed out the black one so we're good to go this weekend.

We took the rig this morning to one of our advertisers and had a new, beefier sway bar put on the rear end of our rig. Wow, does it handle differently. I still get a little push when a tractor trailer passes me but the top heavy sway has diminished a great deal. The size of this new Roadmaster sway bar is about 3x the diameter of the factory sway bar. This new one goes on and the original one stays on too. The shop said that the original one had some bolts missing and the bar was bent. Scary that the thin diameter factory sway bar got bent and bolts out in such a short time. Back in July, when we had the Safety Steer put on at the RVW conference, the installers had to replace a bracket then and the bar wasn't bent. Feel so much better that we have a beefier bar on there.

As soon as the rig was finished, we hit the road. We meandered towards Media, PA where my son lives. Stopped at a service plaza, took a nap and killed some time. My son works till midnight and right now we're sitting at a Walmart near his apartment so we can head out when he gets off work. We'll drive a bit to get above the city and take our time heading to Boston. We'll get to Boston to pick up Becky at five tomorrow, then head to Provincetown, MA for the weekend. Looking forward to seeing my kids after a year away !


Bobbie and Jim said...

Enjoy your family time. Miss you.

BC said...

What a wonderful vacation it was!