Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Little House on the Prairie

I guess I didn't realize that the TV show, Little House on the Prairie is based on an the actual accounts of the Ingalls family in the mid west, as written by Laura Ingalls. We visited the site, outside of Independence, KS, where area folks have recreated the log cabin that the Ingalls family had. no loft area, like on the TV show where the kids sleep. Just a small bed in the corner, near the fireplace.

Next door to the "little house" was the post office, from Wayside and the one room school house, that had been located in Sunnyside. The post office had actually been in use up until 1977, until that location was closed. Here are pics of the school house, inside and out. Click on the last picture to read, in greater detail, the salaries of teachers back then. Great information on what school life was like for school children in Kansas in the early days.

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