Friday, October 31, 2008

Buzz from Coffeyville

Hi All,
We are busting at the seams here in the park. There are more rigs than there are sites to hold them all and with the new park not yet completed (was supposed to have been done Oct. 1),folks are getting antsy. The honey wagon guys are busy making their rounds every Mon/Wed/Fri..trying to keep up with so many rigs. They have been getting to our side of the park about 1:00 or so.

Here is the area where we are...

On the far side of this area is where the new park is taking shape. It will be nice when it's done so we aren't awakened every morning to the sound of back-up beepers and slamming doors on the dump trucks as they drop off a load of fill or gravel. We were told yesterday that this coming Monday we need to move our rig to the new area. It is supposed to be done by then (the crews are supposedly working all weekend on it). That will allow them to install the sewer lines down the left side of this area. The opposite side of the lot was completed within the last week. They did not have to move their rigs because they ran the line about 40 feet behind the rigs (look out Wal-Mart as you'll have a bunch of people coming to buy extra lengths of sewer hose to reach). On our side the city doesn't own the land that far behind us so they will run the lines ahead of the electrical boxes.
Only the 8 rigs on our side of the park will be allowed to move on Monday. When we first were told about the Monday move, I envisioned the great land rush in Oklahoma where everyone runs to stake their claim to a site but that won't be the case. Once they finish running the lines, we can choose to stay in the new part or return to our current site.

Here are the people currently in an "overflow area" that need a site...

We called the city this morning to ask if they have WiFi in the new area, as we paid the $50 for a months worth of service. The woman on the phone said someone would get back to us. The WiFi service is very erratic here....get bumped off alot. One of the guys said that they don't have enough bandwidth for everyone on it...whatever that means. I just know that it is a pretty common occurrence for RV parks and it gets old after awhile. We are getting closer to the day when we get Verizon's air card so we don't have to deal with this anymore.
We are concerned about the softness of the new park. A lot of new fill over there. First good rain and a bunch of us might be stuck. We will see how it goes. The guy, two rigs down from us, has a refurbished Greyhound bus and he says that he weighs 40-50,000# and no way is he going over there. He will boondock in the parking lot if need be and then move back when they are done.

We love our "picking" jobs at Amazon but don't know that we'd come back again. They move people around too much and you never know what area you will be in. They take people over to receiving, stowing, crisp plant, etc. Linda and I have been lucky to stay in picking although I got moved one night to receiving. I think that is one reason that Linda and I try to stay in the top 3 for fastest pickers so that we will stay in picking....The other thing that has been a problem here is getting the automatic deposit to go through on our paychecks. Mine finally went through last paycheck and Linda is still waiting. We did paperwork on same day (in Sept.)...same account...and her paperwork got lost or something so they had to resend it to the corporate office. She was told that it should go through on Nov. 9. We'll see...

Here is a picture of the main area of the campground.

There is another campground just down the road about a tenth of a mile called Heritage campground. There are at least 30 rigs in that park too. Then there are folks in the Elk City park and also at Altamont. These people have quite a drive to get here since there it no shuttle anymore to take us to and from work.

Our site has 30 amp electric (the end sites across from us each have 50 amp but the others have 30 amp like ours), and water hook-up. We've been told to fill our fresh water tanks when it gets to freezing temps and unhook from city connection as we will be responsible for any damages caused by busted pipes. They do not have frost proof(insulated) connections like some parks have. No cable....can pick up a few stations. Reception is better in evening and when wind isn't blowing (which is a rare occurrence). There is a bathhouse over near the other park for folks in rigs without showers. Pretty much a cinder block building with stalls with curtains. Nothing fancy...and I wonder how operable they will be if cold temps come. Speaking of weather...the weather here is perfect ! Today..for last day in October I am in t-shirt and shorts. Is in the 70's and a breeze (always seems to be a breeze here). Biggest plus of being here has been the weather. Except for very little rain, it has been gorgeous. We had two nights in the 30's but usually it has been in the 50's and 60's overnight. Amazing !! Makes us cringe to think of going back to PA to the cold where they are scraping their windshields and getting that dreaded "S" word. Yuck !! Until then we'll soak up as much of the the Kansas sun as we can.....

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