Friday, August 29, 2008

Packing up to go....

Today is Linda's last day in the office here at the campground. I will continue to clean the pool through the weekend but on Monday (Sept 1) we will be leaving. It took us about two days to figure out what our next month was going to consist of since there are so many variables to take care of (dr. appts, last days of work at Busch Garden, wedding in NJ,etc.) After sifting through all the dates, we came up with a departure date of Sept. 8...last day of work at campground of Sept. 7. Upon telling the mgmt here, they proceed to tell Linda that her last day will be Friday and if we stay past Sept 1 we will need to pay site rent. Back to the drawing board....
So, after scrambling to make arrangements at another campground, here's the plan:

* Leaving here Monday Sept 1 (once Linda gets out of work) and moving to campground in Newport News. Will be there till Sept. 8. WILL NOT have internet so this may be last update for a little while.
* Sept 8 will be checking into campground in Pomona, NJ for Linda's niece's wedding. Will stay until at least Monday, the 15th. May possibly stay till the 18th.
* Return to VA for doctor appts on Sept 19.

Will update more once we firm up our travel plans.

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