Sunday, May 11, 2014

Life Reimagined

Wow, I just stumbled upon something that I had completely forgotten about. Back in September, shortly after Linda dropped me off at White Violet Center for my internship, I got an e-mail from our financial advisor. He had been contacted, through his Cambridge Financial Planners group, by a woman who wanted to do an article on a couple who had given up their house and a “normal life” for an RV lifestyle. Ross immediately thought of us and in his e-mail asked if we’d mind being interviewed. We said it was fine so he made the connection. Although I knew the writer was doing it for AARP, I thought it was for a new magazine they were publishing but I was mistaken. Apparently it was for a new on-line site that AARP has developed, called Life Reimagined.
Long story short…..a woman called me while I was out in Terra Haute, at the Sisters of Providence and asked lots of questions. Back in December or so, we had gotten a call to verify some of the info, in the article, which apparently they didn’t write down the answers to because I picked up a child I didn’t know I had and “B” lost one (easy to do on paper I guess). I had found the website a few months ago and bookmarked it and just now while I was going through my bookmarks looking for something else, I saw the site and went to it. To my surprise I found our article, which was put out there in February. Here it is, if you’d like to read it….

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Movable Book Lady said...

Not a bad article though fairly cursory. I was afraid there'd be a snide tone to it, but it was fine. Glad to hear y'all are doing fine.