Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snow and Cold

The snow started early this morning and it’s really coming down. I went out024 walking cause the whole campus is so pretty, although the snow is a little deep once you get off a sidewalk or roadway. The temps are tolerable today but overnight the temps are supposed to plummet and the wind chill will get really brutal. They are saying that tomorrow’s wind chill will make it feel like 35-45 below zero. It’s gonna feel like we’re living in Alaska. I’m prepared though….I went to the office and bought an alpaca ski mask and gloves. I am on alpaca “close” all week and work tomorrow morning with the alpacas. I should be able to get everything but my eyes covered up so that should protect me from the bitter cold. This snow is a really wet snow, unlike what we got the other day that was super dry and fluffy. We already had about 5” on the ground and they are calling for 6-12” by the time it’s done. It was mid-way to my knees in the fields when I was out earlier. Just got a text from the garden manager that we need to go out periodically and brush the snow off the greenhouse and high tunnels so the weight of the snow doesn’t make them collapse. That will keep us busy till the storm is over.
finished scarfI put the finishing touches on my scarf. I had to tie off the fringe and weave in the loose ends where you start and stop with different colors. Then you soak it in hot, soapy water….being sure to not agitate it because that will felt it. After it soaks for 10 minutes, you pull it out, change the water to clear, hot water and let it rinse in the water (still no agitation) for 10 minutes. If it still has soap in it, repeat the process again. After it’s been washed and rinsed, you blot it between towels and then lay it out flat to dry. I’d love to get a small rigid heddle loom and continue to weave. Will wait till we get back on the road and have some income coming in. In the meantime, I’ll use a loom here for the remainder of my time here.
Well, time to get ready for lunch and then go outside to work in the snow. Hope everyone has a great upcoming week. Stay warm and dry !


Movable Book Lady said...

Yow! Stay warm and dry, indeed. We're going to get some snow and it'll be 0 deg. tomorrow night with a high of 27. By Thurs. though it'll be back into the mid 50s -- which means my frozen pee will thaw and I can do a dump and flush.

That's a beautiful scarf! Congrats. And I really like the photo at top.

Gayle Giles said...

be careful in the cold. i lived in Michigan 40 years and do not remember any time being in the conditions you will endure. Will be thinking of you and see you soon at Annual Meeting. Temp here in the Rio Grand Valle should be 73 degrees today.
Love & Hugs,

Dave and Susie said...

Stay safe and warm. Your scarf looks wonderful! Happy New Year to you both!