Thursday, August 15, 2013

Linda B's home...

On Wednesday we moved the rig from my brother's place down to Chambersburg to the house where B grew up. Since the last time we've been there, they have widened the road at the back of the property (Brumbaugh St) and installed sidewalks and curbs along the street. WeP8150002 (2) were a little worried about getting into the lot, since the curb cuts don't line up with the neighbor across the street and wasn't sure if the cut would be wide enough. As it worked out, I could pull into the neighbor's driveway and back out into the street and get lined up square with this lot, since the street is so wide. It was perfect AND wide enough that we didn't have to go up over a curb with a dually. One of the leveling jacks scraped a little coming up over the sidewalk but it was ok. We got set up and tried to think of all the variables of where to locate her, since she'll be here till the end of February....which means contending with snow.


We did have to attach a rope to one of the pine tree limbs and Linda pulled it back so I could back in past the trees without it scraping down the side of the rig. Here she is all set up. From noon on she gets shade so it stays cool in the rig right now. You can see the home on the right where she grew up. This is the back of the property.








Here's looking from the corner of the house to the street out front(Stouffer Ave). Lots of shade trees on the property which makes for a pretty setting. She has a market within walking distance and a 24 hour diner too. She's all set up with water and 20 amp power. In the past, if we needed our black tanked dumped, we can call a local company to come by but she has the house so close that she'll probably just use the house for showers and bathroom use. This will be Home Sweet Home for the next six months. I anticipate that come winter, she'll get the rig winterized and move into the house.

I'm finishing up my packing and we're getting ready to head out Sunday morning for Indiana. I'm excited to learn new things and work with the alpacas, bees, fiber and organic gardens. Lots of neat things to see and do. Will post on a regular basis from White Violet Center when I get there....

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