Saturday, August 25, 2012

Greenwood, NE


On Wednesday we left the KOA in Gretna and traveled 12 miles east to Greenwood, Nebraska. We moved over a day early so we could start training a new team for our company. They had come in on Saturday and were all set up and waiting for us. They are parked right next to us.064

We got set up and started training around 9 a.m. Training lasts for 6 days, with a day off in the middle. Today was the day off for both of us. Amie and Marlene are off to a great start and are quick learners. They are great fun to work with and are going to be an awesome addition to our company. Tomorrow we resume training with both of them and we'll finish up on Tuesday.



Here's Linda with Amie, before they head out for a meeting.


We'll be leaving here on Thursday, heading home to Pennsylvania to spend a couple days with my mom and siblings. Then we head to Gettysburg on Wednesday, Sept. 5 to work several parks in that area.

Rain and cool temps today...a good day to stay inside and relax. I even got to take a nap this afternoon, in preparation for the night race on NASCAR. Less than a 80 laps to go so that's all for tonight...will try to post more before we head out on Thursday.


longdog2 said...

What do you do in your business?

Nana's Quilts said...

It's great that your company is expanding - that bodes well. We had a great week-end at our latest Cascadia event. We were in Tokeland [a tiny berg on Willapa Bay,just off the Pacific Ocean] Gorgeous weather and a great, fun time. Nancy Shoop and Carol came to join us. This week-end (Labor Day) it's a casual, fun outing - one of our members lives on about 5 acres and so has cleared some of the land and we can boondock. There will be 8 rigs (I think). Good wishes for a pleasant holiday week-end, to you.

Mike Sweet said...

what do you like or dislike about your work, we are lookig at AGS, Thank You