Friday, November 12, 2010


It's Friday morning....the grass is crunchy with frost and the steam is rising off of the ponds here as the morning sun burns off the chill. The Wi-Fi and Verizon broadband reception is really unreliable here so makes it really tough to post to the blog. After trying or minutes on end to get something to upload, I give up so consequently I'm behind in giving news from our end.

Last weekend, here at the campground, it was camper appreciation weekend. Problem was it was really windy and really chilly. They brought in a large portable stage (tractor trailer with drop down platform)and folks used huge cast iron pots to cook up chicken stew and brunswick stew. Linda, Boomer and I went out for a walk and noticed the make shift wind breaks they had set around the base of the pots to try and keep the flame going. The wind was brutal and we cut our walk short cause it was so cold. Not sure how many people attended the event....we didn't go over. The campground was packed though. Seemed really weird to see a campground so full for the first weekend in November.

This weekend is quite different and more typical of what I would expect. We could shoot off a cannon through the campground and wouldn't hit anyone. Maybe about a dozen rigs here that are occupied. Starting off as a beautiful day so will be great to go out and walk around with it being quiet. The daytime temps have been great this week....high 60's, low 70's...perfect sweater weather.

This week, at work, was really long and we're exhausted. I was supposed to go to a 2 day training an hour away from us in Burlington, NC. Sunday is our long day at work and with this only being my second week back at work, by Monday I was hurting and not feeling real great so I didn't go to the training on Monday. I did go on Tuesday and got back to our place around 3:30 in the afternoon. Usually we'd get off work then but we had to drive to Mt Airy to check out something for work so off we went....a 2 hour trip. We stopped up here and got something to eat for supper but had to be back at work, by 7:30 for a training meeting with our servers. That went till 9....then back at it for a 14 hour day on Wednesday...Whew...we are pooped !

Sunday is a big event at work....our 9 year birthday celebration for the community ! We have great food planned....baked brie, beef roll ups with horseradish dipping sauce, baklava, spiced hot cider, huge punch fountain, a huge birthday cake with our facility's picture on it and a bunch of other items. We have a harpist kicking everything off at 2, our hand bell choir playing and then 50 children from the Calvary Baptist children's choir singing at 4:30. We're planning for about 200 people being there so we'll see what happens. A number of the original charter members, who were the first to move into our community, still live there so they will be recognized as well. Should be a great day !!

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Movable Book Lady said...

Great to finally hear from you. Don't push yourself too hard; the body needs its recuperation time. Are y'all the main managers now?