Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Water Logged

It has rained here since Sunday and finally this afternoon, the rain clouds have started to leave and blue skies are returning. Thank goodness for the site we have here as we've stayed high and dry. At the last place we camped, in Urbanna, we would have had a moat around our rig for the last three days. It is so nice to have a concrete slab to park on and to also have an elevated site. It poured and poured through the night and while it is soothing to listen to as it beats on the roof of the RV, under different circumstances it would not be pleasant to be outside the rig with that much water on the ground.
One of the things that I dislike the most is to be totally soaked to the skin when it's not intentional. If I'm in a swimsuit and the idea is to get "wet", well then...yeah, it's OK. My job at BG requires that I work outside, regardless of the weather. If it's pouring rain outside, it doesn't necessarily mean that we won't have to hose down our respective areas. On the contrary, this morning, it was raining the hardest of the last three days and we had to hose down two sections of Italy. Dressed in a raincoat, rubber gloves and knee high boots makes for attractive work attire. It doesn't help when the rain coat has rips and tears in it and the water gets in and soaks you to the skin. The water runs down the back of your rain coat and down the lower part of your pant legs.....Yuck !! This morning I was instructed to train two of the new guys on how to hose the area down. As we walked into the area, there were two ducks in the common area....they were in their glory with all the rain turning everything into small ponds. The guys did a great job, moving throughout the area, hosing down the dining and common areas. We finished up at 11:00 a.m. and we punched out. At the car, I peeled off my raincoat and hoodie, spreading them out in the back seat so they could dry.
Before leaving for home, I stopped by the Human Resource office to check on a job posting I had seen posted on the park bulletin board. It is for a lead supervisor in the Culinary Operations dept. When I talked to the secretary in the HR office, she gave me the two job descriptions to look over. They sound pretty straight forward...It's not that I don't like what I'm doing in the grounds dept but that I don't get as many hours as I'd like to get. Most days I only get in 5 hours per shift. I could drag it out and "milk" my shift for the entire shift time but I just can't do that when the work load doesn't warrant it. Many of the guys do it but that isn't my style. I work to get the work done but not to just get my time in. When I asked the receptionist how many hours I can work a week she said no more than 60 and you have to have one full day a week off..I thought...that works ! So I put in my application for these positions (they have several open as lead supervisor) and we'll see what happens. I would think I should hear something in the next couple days.

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